Ekologika is a new company set up to provide the highest quality of biodiversity, environmental, socio-economic and cultural assessments evaluations and surveys in Indonesia within the natural resource (forestry, agriculture and mining sector) and community development sector. Our staffs have decades of experience working in these fields for local and international conservation and development organizations, as well as natural resource private sector. Ekologika also has an extensive network of experts from local universities, NGOs and other companies that have provided proven during past collaborations in the field.


Sustainable development for human wellbeing through:

  • Knowledge management – which enables Ekologika and partners development innovative, effective and efficient methodologies, recommendations and strategies.
  • Sharing knowledge – which gives clients skills and knowhow to apply recommended methods and techniques.
  • Placing Objectivitycentrally in Ekologikaʼs work with clients to achieve responsible and equitable management of natural resources and livelihood assets.
  • Developing Excellence within our Sector through providing Technical and Advisory service and Project Implementation.